Monday, November 7, 2016

Book Launches and a Small Rant

Let's start with the rant, shall we? I know tomorrow is Election Day, and you might think I'm going to rant about that, but no. I have something else I'd like to talk about.

This week, I've almost been hit by cars several times, both when I was driving and when I was running. I've been doing recovery runs this week, so my pace is slower than normal, which is good because if it wasn't I might have gotten hit for real by a guy zooming out of an underground parking lot.

As for when I was driving, I was on the main road, making a left, and someone who had a stop sign telling her to wait for the cars on the main road (like me) to be clear before going. She started going when I was right in front of her.

Both of them were on their cell phones. The guy was texting; he held his phone like this:

So, yeah, texting. As he crossed a sidewalk.

The woman was talking with the phone to her ear.

Can I just say, now, please do not text or phone when you drive.


On top of the usual cars who don't signal when switching lanes or when turning a corner, I've been scared for my life.

So on behalf of all runners, I'm saying, please signal, and please watch the road.

Runners don't have metal armor protecting them. They rely on safe drivers and their own wits and reflexes, as well as lights and reflective clothing.

Runners should watch the road. Yes. I agree. They should also wear visible clothes. Agreed here, too. However, if someone is driving and texting (or calling) instead of watching the road, what good is all that?

Likewise, if a driver doesn't signal a turn, it doesn't matter if the runner is watching the road. The intent to turn is not expressed, especially if the car doesn't slow down. (I have seen that. It happens.)

Runners and drivers can't read minds. Please drive safely.

Okay, that's done. Now to the good news!

My book launch is scheduled. It's a bit early to announce, since the release is in April, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I'll announce it again closer to the date.

My book launch for Under Locker and Key will be held at the Provo Library at 7 pm on April 19, 2017.

Hooray! This has been my exciting news this past week. I hope to have more as I get closer to the release date. The book is currently on Amazon. You can preorder it, or just learn more about it, here.

I've also been working hard on my story for National Novel Writing Month. It's a fun, silly story, furthering Jeremy's adventures. I'm having fun. It's moving fast, but then again, NaNoWriMo stories tend to. Gotta get that word count in, right?

That's all for today. If you're American, go vote tomorrow! Why live in a democracy if you never voice your opinion?

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