Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat! Halloween Antics and a Special Interview

Happy Halloween, everyone! Well, I've been busy this weekend.

When Halloween falls on a Monday, the holiday begins Friday night. I've been going to dances and parties all weekend, and I'm tired. Thank goodness for sugar!

I did the Haunted Half Marathon in Provo again, using the same costume as last year:

It works well for me. It's not in the way when I run, it's the perfect costume for late October running, and people tend to know who I'm dressed as (if they know Gravity Falls). I even saw another person dressed as Dipper this year! And hey, it's not slowing me down. I cut half a minute off my mile pace since last year. Not even that tumbleweed could trip me up!

Yes, I almost got hit by a tumbleweed. It was up the canyon. It was a weird highlight of the race.

This is not the villainous costume I mentioned last week. This is that costume:

Recognize who I am? If you said no, you're not alone. A lot of people thought I was Ariel. Right movie, wrong character.

Get it now? No? That's fine. I'm Vanessa, otherwise known as Ursula when she takes human form to prevent Ariel from kissing Prince Eric.

See it now? It was my brother's idea and it was a good one. I think I may keep this costume for Comic Con.

Halloween is great. The costumes, the brings out the kid in me. Since Halloween is such a kid's holiday, and my book Under Locker and Key is about kids, I thought I'd interview the protagonists about Halloween. Jeremy and Becca, come on out!

Jeremy: Hey, everyone!

Becca: Happy Halloween!

Me: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

J: That's tough. I have a good time every Halloween. But I think the best was the year Rick took Case, Hack, and me out trick-or-treating. I tell you, Rick plays to win. Our feet were dead by the end of the night, but I've never gotten that much candy. My pillowcase was full!

B: How much of it did you steal?

J: ...Your trust in me is astounding. Come on, Becca. It's Halloween. You don't have to steal candy when people just leave it in bowls on their porches.

B: So you'd steal it if it wasn't so readily available?

J: Retrieval specialist, not thief. And it's your turn to answer.

B: My favorite Halloween memory was third grade. That was the year I uncovered the truth about the candy from the Vincent house: it was sugar-free candy, cleverly disguised as the good stuff.

J: That...explains a lot. Sounds like your typical gumshoe Halloween. Must have been fun for you.

Me: Favorite Halloween candy?

B: Not sugar-free candy. It's dishonest, somehow. If you're going to eat candy, eat candy.

J: Now we know what Becca's is not, I'll tell you what mine is.

B: Let me guess. Chocolate?

J: Yep. Any kind. I'm not fussy. I bet you are, though.

B: I like Skittles. They last a long time and they're quality. But Reese's are good, too.

J: We agree there.

Me: What are you going to dress as for Halloween this year?

J: Oh, it's great. Case, Hack and I have a whole group costume set up. Star Wars rogues. Hack's going to be Boba Fett, Case is Lando, and I've scored Han Solo.

B: Wait, you're going as Han? You can't be Han!

J: That's unexpected. I thought you'd go on about how perfect a space smuggler costume is for a thief like me. And I'm not a thief, by the way.

B: Yes, you are. But you can't be Han because I'm going as Leia. People will think we planned it!

J: *laughing*

B: Shut up.

J: *still laughing*

B: I'm not changing mine. Leia is amazing. She's tough and smart and knows how to get things done through the proper channels. You change yours.

J: Because leading a rebellion is the proper channels. And we planned ours for weeks. I'm not changing.

B: I hate you.

J: I know.

B: You little...we will discuss this later.

Well, that's the end of that. Hope it was a sweet treat for your Halloween! Have a great day and a great week!