Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The List, and Other Sundries

Wow, four months.

It has been four months since my last post on this blog. I'd say I'm sorry, and that it won't happen again, but let's be honest. It will. I'll put it on my list of "Things I Say Will Never Happen and Sure Enough, They Do." So far that list looks like this:

1. Cliff Jump (happened at Lake Powell; the cliff was about 25 feet)
2. Ride the Tower of Terror (see previous post)
3. Run more than 10 miles (not yet, but it will. See below)
4. Forget the blog for months at a time ('nuff said)

I will try to post more regularly. Part of the reason I've been absent is out of an uncertainty as to what this blog is and what I want it to be. I've decided to write about whatever I feel like. Anything interesting I've thought about, or anything I've done that merits blogging.

One of the reasons I've been so absent is because I have been busy. I've been getting used to a new apartment and the people who live there. This place is much more social than the last, and it's possible that I may blog, in the future, about the people here. I will use nicknames and change details, for anonymity, of course.

What else? I have been working hard, both at my job and at my writing, which I hope will become my career. Guess what? I FINISHED A DRAFT OF JEREMY WILDERSON BOOK #2! It's with friends and family now, people whose opinions I respect who will read my draft and let me know how to make it better. Work on Book #1 is moving along.

I keep thinking I'll wake up one day and it will all be a dream. It hasn't hit, not yet, not really, that publication is actually going to happen. I know it is real, intellectually, but it hasn't reached my core yet. I have a feeling that one day I'll see my book on the shelf and totally break down, like

In the meantime, I'm keeping busy running. Yes, that's what I mean by the 10 mile comment above. On the 4th of July, I ran a 10K. I was smiling at the end of it, so I guess it went well.

Aren't I pretty?

A friend talked to me about a month ago, and my running had been going well over the summer, and I like having something to train for because it keeps me from going on ice cream binges...anyway, one thing led to another and now I'm registered to run the Haunted Half Marathon on Halloween.

13.1 miles, in case you were wondering. I keep doubling up: first a 5K (3.1 miles), then a 10K (6.2 miles), and now a half marathon. If this pattern continues, I'll be adding "5. Run a marathon" to the list above.

Anyway, I'll try to post more often. You may be in for a flood of posts the next couple weeks as I unload all the things I've done over the summer. I should have kept up with them as they happened, but it didn't happen, so if it's worth telling, I'll tell it now. And I'll try to keep you updated on my latest scrapes.

UPDATE: my friend Kiersty and I started another blog, called Fanundrums. It's basically our fangirl conversations about, well, everything. If you're geeky and you know it, check it out. I'll get a link to you in the next post. This blog is going to still have my thoughts on writing and some reviews on books and movies I like, as well as general thoughts and stories for you.

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