Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy NaNoWriMo

Oh boy. Life just got busy.

Why? National Novel Writing Month. Work. More work. Trying to have a life so that I talk to more people than my characters. And did I mention National Novel Writing Month?

Any news I have on publishing and agents will have to wait. This will be a short post. I'm totally swamped this month, especially this week and next. Hopefully things will even out and I'll post something about why it's important to let the story guide (it is) or the awesomeness of Big Hero 6 (it was). For today, I'm just throwing out a cheer to my fellow writers: Hang in there! NaNoWriMo is our marathon, and we can collapse in a sweaty heap when we complete 26.2 miles (or 50,000 words).

My writing is going okay. I'm about halfway through the story because I'm getting ahead, getting ready for the break I'm taking over Thanksgiving. The plot is going great, even surprising me a bit, which I love because the story is a mystery and I'm happy not to know every detail before it shows up. Not sure I'm going to stick with my narrator. Right now the story is a sequel to Under Locker and Key, better known on this blog as Jeremy Wilderson, Retrieval Specialist. I'm writing it from Becca's point of view. Don't know if I like that. I might rewrite the whole thing from Jeremy's perspective. It's fun trying from Becca's, but I think it's still Jeremy's story, now that I'm trying it. But ooph, realizing that in the middle of writing a novel. I'm still going out of sheer stubbornness and a refusal to start over after the 20,000 word mark.

I hope your NaNoWriMo's are going better. No matter what, we all need a break. Here's some epic music from Big Hero 6 to hype you up. The song is "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy. It's all I've been listening to for the past 3 days.

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