Monday, November 7, 2011

Journal Report #10

Okay, so this past week has been crazy. I've been working like mad on my grad school submission story (it's going well - I got another friend to read it and the general consensus is still good). I discovered an on-campus sci-fi editing service that I might hire to give it a good once-over before I send it to grad schools.

However, I spend a lot of time working on my novel. This is my second revision now (yay! The fun part!) which means my characters and plot are about where I want it. Now I'm checking for small plot holes and making sure I say things the way I want to. Basically, this is the pretty part of revising and I'm having fun. After chopping and adding whole sections, I'm making sure things are connected and smooth now. Also, I'm using the things I learned in class about YA to make sure my characters and plot are actually YA. I'm about halfway through, now. Which is good, because this is my thesis novel and my mentor wants it by November 15.

I'm working on my YA short story. My group liked it well enough; my main character in particular was well liked. There were some problems, such as world building, which I will look over more as I revise. I need to clarify what kind of world my story takes place in earlier. Otherwise it's a bit confusing.

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  1. Revision, especially when you are getting to the final stages, can be so satisfying. Congratulations on being so close!