Monday, June 5, 2017

Checking in to Report

First off, I was online yesterday, and I found something interesting:

My second book is now up on Amazon.

There's a release date, a nice summary, and everything. It's also up on Goodreads, but that one doesn't have the cover art yet. But hey, if you read Under Locker and Key and are waiting for information on the sequel, here it is!

Now, in other news, guess what?

I ran another race.

This one was near Grand Teton National Park and was held by Vacation Races. It was a half marathon, and it was beautiful. I mean, look at the finish line!

This is where we sat and stretched and ate green bananas and gloated over our new medals! And it looked like this the whole way! I ran 13.1 miles with the Grand Tetons constantly visible!

I loved it. So glad I get to do it again, kind of.

Yes, this weekend will be Part 2 of my running vacation, when me, my parents, and my brother will run another half marathon near Yellowstone Park. It's supposed to be a little hilly, but I'm really looking forward to it. I love being able to do this much running in a week, especially when the runs are races.

Racing is fun. There's the crowds cheering, the finish line, the medal, the free food...but also the feeling that I'm accomplishing something special. That I'm pushing myself to my limits and achieving. I get that feeling as I run, and also as I write.

It's nice to have a vacation where I can experience both.

Here are this week's debuts:

Middle Grade:
Lauren Albright - Exit Strategy (6/6)
Gareth Wronski - Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy (6/6)
Leah Henderson - One Shadow on the Wall (6/6)
Alexandra Ott - Rules for Thieves (6/6)

Young Adult:
Natalka Burian - Welcome to the Slipstream (6/6)
Sarah Tolcser - Song of the Current (6/6)
Alexandra Ballard - What I Lost (6/6)
Kayla Olson - The Sandcastle Empire (6/6)
Rebecca Christiansen - Maybe In Paris (6/6)
A.V. Geiger - Follow Me Back (6/6)

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